FEC Tenant Representation

Needs Analysis and Market Analysis

  • How much SF do you need?
  • Do you need a grease trap and vent hood?
  • Do you need 18’ clear height?
  • What is your gross monthly budget?

Demographic Analysis

  • What is the median household income average within 2 miles? 5 miles? 10 miles?
  • Is the population density greater than 100K within a 10 mile radius?

Site Selection and Facility Inspection

  • Survey of available properties
  • Touring of short listed properties
  • RFPs

Financial Negotiators and Lease Structuring

  • How much TI and free rent will they offer?
  • Will they cap annual CAM expenses?
  • Will they allow for a personal guarantee burn-off?
  • Are there competition restrictions?
  • Is the FEC signage and design approved in the lease?
  • Will they give renewal options?